Windscreen Welding – Part 2

Windscreens are wonderful things, when you think about it.  The properly installed and functioning ones, I mean.  If you’ve ever wondered how good they can be, take a look at this… That’s a 35 litre stackable tub – you know… Continue Reading →

Windscreen Welding – Part 1?

There was a break in the weather today, which gave me an opportunity to get over to the van and test out some of the steel pieces we’d made up for the windscreen (thanks Greasemonkey). As you can see, the… Continue Reading →

Winter Coat

That metalwork isn’t going to protect itself.  Today I spent an hour going over the new welded bits (and some of the other bodywork) with some anti-rust primer as a sort of winter coat. It’s needed it for a while,… Continue Reading →

More filler than pillar

We’ve finally managed to borrow a welder (thanks Rik), and through investigation with a screwdriver, I’ve discovered that this windscreen frame is more filler than pillar. I managed to get a bit of mild steel to fashion to repair the… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 6

The plan for today was, as always, simple.  Remove the windscreen, and start to tidy up the frame underneath it.  But as we’ve learnt with this project, nothing is ever simple! The windscreen removal tool is a brilliant bit of… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 2

Part 2 of the Pre-MOT Work. Didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures today, as both I and the apprentice were stuck into our work.  The apprentice got to work with sanding down, cleaning and then rust-treating the floor… Continue Reading →

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