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Pre-MOT Work – Part 5

Today was fairly limited in what we could do, owing to forgetting to bring the U-bolt to tighten up the exhaust manifold to downpipe connection.  However, I did manage to finally fit the new driver’s seat! And here it is… Continue Reading →

Exhausting Work

Owing to the apprentice being on holiday, there’s no campervan update this fortnight.  I did, however, take the opportunity to effect a repair on the Peugeot 107 – a rear exhaust box replacement – exhausting work. Replacement parts were fairly… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 4

So the plan for today was to drill the holes in the new brackets and get the nice Fiesta seat in place where the old driver’s seat was.  Doesn’t it look good? However, it didn’t go too well.  Forgot to both… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 3

On passing the van today it looked like we’d had a massive leak as the floor was shining.  Thankfully, it was just the polished sheen provided by the rust treatment last time.   The apprentice started with some spray primer,… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 2

Part 2 of the Pre-MOT Work. Didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures today, as both I and the apprentice were stuck into our work.  The apprentice got to work with sanding down, cleaning and then rust-treating the floor… Continue Reading →

Pre-MOT Work – Part 1

So before I turned up today for pre MOT Work Part 1, the apprentice greeted me with this, titled, “The Beast”.  One day I’ll have to teach her to take photos in landscape… It was our first visit to the… Continue Reading →

If it’s enough, it’s enough

Well today was the day to try and get the blasted exhaust connected to the manifold, away from the steering column. The new studs arrived, and from the top I tried to fit one in the manifold, but I think… Continue Reading →

The right fit

The greatest laid plans of mice and men, and all that… The plan today was to fit a new (red) temperature sender.  Easy job, he says.  Only to find that for some reason, the end of it is slightly too… Continue Reading →

On the move

Today’s challenge was to try and sort out the overheating problem.  I had a brainwave after the last visit, and decided that we would try to move the van the other way around to ease out any airlocks. Following advice… Continue Reading →

The importance of being idle (adjusted)

Today was the first chance to get to the camper in a long time, owing to a house move.  Incidentally, we also managed to service the Jazz this morning. First job was to replace the barrel clip on the pedal… Continue Reading →

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