Today was the day we’d been waiting for, for the last three years.  We finally bit the bullet and booked the van in for it’s “investigative” MOT.

What this also meant was that today would be the first time I’d ever driven the van on the road…  Gulp!

Eventually even managed to reverse park her nicely.  Would have been easier with power steering though!


A little bit of waiting, and with a cup of tea in hand, it was our turn…

And an hour and twenty minutes later (the longest MOT ever in recorded history, I would imagine) we got the bad news…

I was expecting one or two bits, but nowhere near the two pages of welding that’s required to get this van back on the road.

So we’ve made the unfortunate decision to sell her.

Yes, it’s not a write off.  But we don’t have the equipment or experience to do this kind of welding.  And it’s not economically viable for us to pay someone to do the work either.

We’ve learned a lot from this project, bearing in mind when we originally got our qualification we were only going to do up a couple of Fiestas!

Someone out there has the spare time and tools do put her back on the road.  Maybe that’s you?  If you’re interested, please check out the eBay listing.