Well today is a major milestone in the project.  This morning, I booked the MOT appointment for next Thursday.

I’d previously been over to the van with a “universal” battery clamp, to hold the battery onto the tray.  Clearly universal means every battery apart from mine, because it didn’t fit.

So I did have a leftover angled piece I planned to use as a clamp, and I’d taken it home to drill out the hole for the bolt.  Only to bring it back and find out that the hole was in the wrong place and the bend was never going to secure the battery.

A little bit of thinking later, another bit of steel, and then the angle grinder, and some gentle tapping with a hammer, then another hole, then a few coats of paint… et voila!


The next job was to attach the new mirror.  The old one just wobbled and wouldn’t stay where you pointed it.  The trim came off easily enough, and the Torx bolts were easily undone.

I tidied it up underneath and gave the gasket a little clean, but just to be on the safe side I put a small bead of external sealant around the bolt holes before reattaching.

Much better!