This post is the combination of a few visits to the van, where I got loads done, but didn’t get many opportunities to take a lot of pictures.  But now it looks like we’re on the home stretch.

The first visit was to weld in the final patch around the windscreen, at the top of the pillar.  With some new cutting discs, this made a lot easier, so all I needed to do was get a template in paper and then trace it on to the steel to cut.  The new cutting discs work like a hot knife through butter!

It was an awkward shape, so the new, thin disc really helped.  After it was welded, the edges were sealed with steel-reinforced epoxy putty and the whole area sanded down to improve the profile.

Then I made a potentially risky decision and chose to start some fibreglass on the pillar.  In my head it was going to be a simple job, and I would be able to get the matting to sit exactly where I wanted it to, and end up looking neat.  But nothing’s ever simple.

So I worked out if you’re using fibreglass over a sharp angle (like the 90 degree number above), you’ll only be able to get one side of it stuck well enough.  That being said, the more the resin has set, the better it sticks.  As it happens, the outer edge was going to be rounded off anyway, so it didn’t matter too much.

Fast forward a week (or so)…

The next job was to smooth out some of the rougher, pitted areas of the windscreen channel, and for this I chose a carbon-fibre based filler.  First time ever using any sort of filler, but it mixed together nicely and went on just as well.  But note, your working time is quite short, especially in warmer weather (and it was hot today).

This is the outside of the pillar, which needs more of a rounded edge (and so, more layers of filler).  The packaging recommends a maximum layer thickness of 4mm, so this edge will take a few goes.

And then sanded down a little…  Some extra work may be needed on the more “customer facing” areas.

Ran out of paint to go over again, but picked some up on the way home.  Another day and she’ll be ready for some new glass!