Well what a lovely day it’s been today!  A nice, clear, hot day – it’s almost as if summer is on its way!  I even managed to convince the apprentice to come along.

The first job today was to empty out the box that has been catching the leaks from the windscreen.  This time it was completely full, so that was some 35 litres to empty out!  Not an easy feat.

The same drill as before – offer up a bit of metal to make the next bit of channel, cut out tabs, offer up again, cut again, clean up, bend, offer up again, clean up again, weld, cut, clean up etc etc…

Here’s the bit of steel offered up.

And here it is again from another angle.  That hole is part of the large bit of rust that I cut out last time, which affects the roof line.  On the last go, I tacked in a structural piece from behind, and I will do the same later for this bit.

This was the bit that I cut up for this piece of channel.  As before, the tabs bent over are to replace sections of the existing roof line of which the rot has been cut out.

And here’s the new bit after welding and with a thick slap of paint on top.  Again, not pretty, but I’m not cutting the fibreglass roof off to get this done.

Afterwards I made up a bit of extra QuikSteel to tidy up and seal some of the remaining welds and pinholes.  The only bits left to do on this frame now are a rounded corner (which we’ve already made a template for the wooden frame for) and a bottom corner, which only needs to be a straight channel.  A bit more on the nearside A-pillar and then fibreglassing a tight bond over the roof and new channel, and it’s done!

Everything looks better with a bit of paint…