Last time I went to do a job on the van, it turned out the putty I’d got had gone off.  I thought I’d try this particular brand because it was Polish, but it wasn’t a patch on my usual.  Now it’s putty time.

Today I went armed with Quiksteel, a steel-reinforced epoxy putty, to patch up some of the holes in the “good” side of the windscreen frame.  I had hoped to do some repairs on the top of the frame, where it meets up with the roof, but this area looks like it needs new metal welded in.

Also, for some reason my phone started playing up, and I’ve only got a few photos (even though I took more).  As it happens, I don’t have any pictures of the good bits I did, only these basic patches…

As ever, structural, not beautiful.  Some of these patches will need a few layers, with setting in between.  After that, I can file them down to make them pretty.  It should add some integrity to this side.