That metalwork isn’t going to protect itself.  Today I spent an hour going over the new welded bits (and some of the other bodywork) with some anti-rust primer as a sort of winter coat.

It’s needed it for a while, I just haven’t remembered to buy the stuff until now!

It’s just the right colour too!

Winter coat 2

The sanding here had exposed a little metal that needed covering.

The guttering was a bit rusty too. Cleaned out the chunky bits.  This should hopefully last until I fibreglass it in the new year.

As an aside, we’re thinking of making this project a bit more interactive, and looking at shooting some more videos to go over on our YouTube channel.

If you’ve got any suggestions for content you want to see, let us know in the comments below.

We’ve still got some technical bits to do on the van as well as the conversion construction, so expect something soon!