Following on from last week’s antics, it was time to get some more welding done.  I had the apprentice over this weekend, and aside from some gossip, we actually managed to get some work done.

First things first, adding to the channel for the windscreen.  This was the last bit of straight section to go on, and after the curve was cut free from the rest of the steel, it was tacked on.

channel tacked on

The running theme for my welding will be, “not perfect, but it’ll hold”.  With that in place, it was time to cut off a section to join this channel to what’s left of the outer pillar skin.  This skin is very thin, and after cutting out the rust there really isn’t a lot left.

cutting mild steel

Using an angle grinder isn’t exactly a precision art.  It took a lot of cutting, offering up, cutting, offering up.


After that it was about trying to get the piece to fit so it could be welded in.  I decided to tack it at the top and work my way down, fitting it as I went along.

Fitting in place

Welding 1

Welding 2

First bit of weld

Welding nearly done

I’ve not got enough welding practice to make this artistic.  It’s purely structural.  Fibreglass later on will give us better control of the shape, form and waterproofing.

Welding ground