The plan for today was, as always, simple.  Remove the windscreen, and start to tidy up the frame underneath it.  But as we’ve learnt with this project, nothing is ever simple!

The windscreen removal tool is a brilliant bit of kit, and although it requires a fair amount of tugging, it did the job (eventually).  Clearly we were never going to put the same windscreen back on, so the few cracks it obtained didn’t matter!

windscreen removal tool

There was a hell of a lot of bonding holding that screen down.

windscreen before removal

But we got in out in one piece!  And no, that’s not my ghost in the reflection, it’s the real me.

windscreen removed

Even the apprentice got involved.

apprentice with windscreen sealant

With that done, we could take a look at the metal frame underneath, and determine what work needs to be done to repair it.  The offside doesn’t look too bad…

offside rust

But the nearside is horrific.  To get it into this state, I had to remove tonnes of windscreen bonding sealant which had filled this cavity.  Clearly, this windscreen was replaced in the past, and instead of doing a proper job (like we now have to), they bodged it, and just plonked as much sealant in as they could.  If I worked for Autoglass, I would have turned this job down.

nearside rust

A little deflated.  This is going to need welding.  Not so bad (if we can borrow a welder), but it also means forming and cutting steel sheet, which we’re not really equipped for (the outer pillar skin doesn’t come as a repair panel).  Never mind!  Out came the angle grinder (with new brush attachment) to tidy up the rust.

angle grinding rust

angle grinding again

The apprentice got to work with the Kurust, so we’ve got a chance of stemming it before we can get welding.  As we’d brought some other toys over, we decided to rough-fit the speakers, get some wiring in and install the stereo.

And it works!

bbc radio 2

Next time the apprentice is going to dig out the jigsaw and make some mounts for the speakers.

Until then… anyone got a welder we can borrow?