Owing to the apprentice being on holiday, there’s no campervan update this fortnight.  I did, however, take the opportunity to effect a repair on the Peugeot 107 – a rear exhaust box replacement – exhausting work.

Replacement parts were fairly cheap. £29 for the box from eBay, and £6 for the clamp from Euro Car Parts. It pays to shop around.

Removal of the clamp was easy. One bolt is all. I had the angle grinder on standby, but it wasn’t needed in the end. It’s nice to have some luck with bolts.  The box slipped off the rubber hangers nicely.

107 exhaust off

And you can see why it needed replacing. Very very holey, and the gun gum was next to useless as a temporary fix.

Holes in exhaust pipe

Getting the new box into position was equally simple. Unfortunately, getting the clamp on took much longer than I had hoped. To put it simply, the bolt provided with the clamp isn’t long enough.

It’s long enough when the clamp is fully closed, but too short when it’s open and you need the bolt to bite in order to close it up.  Much effing and jeffing later, I decided to clean up and re-use the old bolt (which was long enough).

Ideally I’d have gone to get a new bolt, but I didn’t have my full toolset, or any wheels!

Here is the new one.

New exhaust fitted

And here’s that offending clamp. If I get a chance I’ll get a new bolt for it, but having said that, the old one was in brilliant condition.

Exhaust clamp