On passing the van today it looked like we’d had a massive leak as the floor was shining.  Thankfully, it was just the polished sheen provided by the rust treatment last time.

shiny floor


The apprentice started with some spray primer, but the half empty (or half full?) can soon ran out.  Off she popped to the hardware store to pick up some paint.  I made sure she picked up some Hammerite this time – might as well do it right!  I also put in a request for some cutting discs.

Some hours later, the floor ended up like this…

nearly painted

And then a bit later, all done.  Oh we like a bit of Hammerite!  Miles better, and that should last forever.

floor all painted

Tidy!  Whilst she was busy with that, I got to work tackling the 28 year old rusted bolt which remained after I scraped out the remains of the last battery tray.  Got the angle grinder out (man I love that tool) and managed to get the head off.  From this…

bolt 1

To this…

bolt 2

And then a bit of drilling, and a couple of snapped drill bits later, all gone!

bolt 3

And then on with the battery tray and the battery itself.

battery tray

Those carriage bolts are just temporary until we get a supply of assorted hex bolts.  The battery fits nicely, but the universal retaining clamp I got was useless – way too big.  The tray looks like it accepts one of those small clamps which holds down the front of the battery – don’t know where to find one though.  I will probably also drill out the other two holes to make it more secure.

With that done (and a failed attempt to start an engine which has sat for around six months – battery didn’t like that), I turned to bodging the seat to fit on to the swivel base.

Angle grinder out again, this time with cutting disc, I set to work cutting off the hole brackets, which in the Fiesta, held this seat to the floor.

cutting seat base

cutting 2

Job done.  With the steel cut to size, next time just needs a bit of careful measuring and maybe this’ll be bolted down!