Part 2 of the Pre-MOT Work.

Didn’t manage to get a lot of pictures today, as both I and the apprentice were stuck into our work.  The apprentice got to work with sanding down, cleaning and then rust-treating the floor and other surfaces.

rust treatment on seat base

rust treatment on floor

Yeh, perhaps she may have gone overboard with it, but at least it’s done.  That needs three hours to work before painting, so priming will wait for another day.

As the sun was out, I decided to get a first “coating” of sealant on the roof/metal joint at the gutter.  A few of these and hopefully we’ll have stopped all the leaks.

sealant on roof gutter

It’s not beautiful, but it will do for now.  It’ll need another going over when it gets warmer.

I’d also turned up with a fibreglass kit, so after finally managing to remove the scuttle ends, and after reading the instructions fully, I had a play with filling some of the unnecessary holes under the scuttle panel.  These may need going over again.

fibreglass 1

fibreglass 2

Still more work needs doing, and what I thought would be a simple windscreen repair may actually turn into a replacement.  Humph!  Never mind.  Here’s another look at the old girl…

old girl 2