Well today was the day to try and get the blasted exhaust connected to the manifold, away from the steering column.

The new studs arrived, and from the top I tried to fit one in the manifold, but I think by this stage we’d knackered the majority of the outer threads.

We continued underneath and managed to get just enough purchase on the stud to keep it in the manifold.  I call that a win!  Hooked the downpipe flange back up, gently tightened the nuts and voila!

exhaust downpipe connected

underside of downpipe

The apprentice was given the new battery tray for priming and painting.   That will be done another day.  Next job was to dump the flush solution from both radiator and block drains.

dirty water bowl 1

dirty water bowl 2

Then top up with slightly more than 50% antifreeze solution.  Yes it looks like blue raspberry.  No you shouldn’t drink it.

blue antifreeze solution

Next jobs include a minor windscreen repair and some extra sealing of the roof/body joint.  And here’s a look at the girl…

the old girl