Today was the first chance to get to the camper in a long time, owing to a house move.  Incidentally, we also managed to service the Jazz this morning.

under the jazz

First job was to replace the barrel clip on the pedal end of the throttle cable – easy fix.  Next was to replace the temperature sender unit, part of the overheating diagnosis.  With the new part ready to fit, we lost very little coolant – nice and easy.

temperature sensor and rotor arm

As it happens, this didn’t appear to help, but at least the sender is new.  We put the airbox back on and I adjusted the idle speed screw from not enough, to way too much, back to just right.

The next plan was to adjust the ignition timing (as it’s now an unleaded engine) but the timing light we borrowed was knackered… Never mind – new light on order, and at least the timing marks are highlighted now!

I thought that the overheating could perhaps be because we were idling high (as we hadn’t yet adjusted the carb) and the vehicle was stationary.  So the plan is, next time, to get her up to temperature on idle and see if we get the same temperature rise.  Combine this with correct timing and we may have an answer.

In the meantime, the apprentice made use of some paint-y bits she got, and started work on the rear bumper brackets.  Wire brushed, rust-treated and primed, we offered up the new bumper and it already looks good!!  Bolting on next time.

rear bumper bracket

holding up rear bumper

Until next time…