There’s very little you can do in winter when your van is outside – that’s the winter blues.  But there’s been a lot of thinking going on.

We met up with greasemonkey to chat about the project, and our lack of success in sourcing a replacement piston and conrod assembly for the 2.0l engine we scored.  And we’ve also been thinking about potential running costs with a 2.0 litre on the van, and it’s sort of leading us back down the road of the 1600.

Yes the 2.0 litre would have a little more power, but neither of us expect to be doing 70mph on the motorway anyway!

So the plan is to stick with the 1600.  And we suspect the misfire could actually be caused by valve seat regression, because you can guarantee that she’s been run on unleaded in the past.  As we have to do the conversion on the head anyway, we’ve nothing to lose, and that could an easy fix!

Next plan is to strip down the head and get it sent off…