A bit of nice weather today took us back to the garage to inspect the new 2.0 litre Pinto engine and find out what exactly is wrong with it.


Rocker cover off.  Cracked the head off and had a quick look-see.


Valves need a bit of a clean, otherwise can’t see any massive issues there.  Back to the block… hmm, something looks a little wrong.


That piston face looks a little rough.  There’s also some scoring which looks a lot like a valve did it.  And the arrow is pointing in completely the wrong direction.  So then I turned the engine over to see if the piston protruded past the block face, then I noticed that this piston did not want to move at all.  Confused, I pushed it down into the cylinder with little resistance.  You’ll see the odd one on the end.


This looks less like a thrown oil seal, and more like a broken con-rod.  Only one way to find out.  The apprentice and I shifted the block up-side down and got to work with getting the sump off.


Oh yeh… there’s your problem.  Snapped con-rod.  Piston skirt also damaged.  Con-rod bolts massively bent and the remains of the bearing shells scooped out.  Managed to push the piston out.  It doesn’t look like there is any damage to the block, but the con-rod journal for this piston looks oddly worn, not mirror-like as the others are.





As we’re here we might as well finish the job (after all, this is rather fun) – time to remove the rest of the pistons and bearings and get the crankshaft out.



And there it is – if you zoom in you can see the heavy markings on the journal.  And here’s the empty block.


Next job – some expert advice on piston replacement!