So today, the plan was to do a basic service, to determine whether it’s worth putting the additional time, effort (and money) into the rest of the project.

First things first… oil change.  But wait.  What’s that?  A 13mm sump plug with a damaged head.  Fallen at the first hurdle.  That job will have to wait until we get a surface-drive socket set…

van on grass

Never mind.  Anyway, as the beast is some 27 years old, we decided to treat her to some new parts.  We replaced the air filter, spark plugs (which don’t fit into a regular spark plug socket, by the way), ignition leads, distributor cap and rotor arm.


She also got treated to a new fan belt which is now at the correct tension (no more squeal)!

fan belt


However, she’s still running a very lumpy idle, and this is outside of my area of expertise.  I know people have reported problems with the VV carb (replacing them for a Weber), but I want to see if we can make the best of what we’ve got, and it feels like it might be choke-related.  Suggestions welcome below.
In the mean time, next job is to crack off that sump plug and replace the oil and filter.  Then a quick cylinder compression check to try and diagnose the misfire.