Remember the roof light I took out?  Well my assistant did a superb job at cleaning it up (apart from the dead spider which got missed) so the next plan was to re-install this in the roof.  First job was to remove the old sealant from around the aperture.  This is it nearly all cleaned.

The assistant cut a new frame for the inside of the roof (to hold the roof shape and give the roof light something to hold against), but forgot the rule of “measure twice, cut once”, so we couldn’t have a nice looking wooden frame in one piece.  Never mind, the pieces were glued straight to the fibreglass on the inside and clamped to partially set.

cutting frame

clamped frame

The gaps will be built up and sealed for when the roof is insulated and carpeted.  The wooden frame doesn’t provide any water-proofing, so the gap isn’t a major concern.  More likely, I will probably take this down again and build a newer, neater frame when we ply line the roof.  External-grade silicone sealant (with a 20 year guarantee, apparently) was applied generously to the seal of the roof-light, re-inserted, and the inside half re-attached and screwed against the frame.

frame in place

Then back on top of the roof to bead the outside of the roof-light with more sealant and smooth over with a silicone sealant tool (i.e. an index finger).

roof skylight

You’ll also see that I spent the rest of the day getting sunburnt by sanding down and repainting the fibreglass roof.  The aim wasn’t to rub back to bare fibreglass (although this had occurred naturally in places) but to key the existing paint.  Not fancying an off-vomit coloured camper, I picked up some fibreglass boat paint in brilliant white from and gave it a nice thick coat.

painting roof around window

painted roof up close

I think I will sand it down and give it another coat, but from a distance, the difference is remarkable.

new painted roof

I also managed to get a locking fuel cap to replace the emergency one.  Brilliant!  Next job, full service of the engine (including oil, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, ignition leads, distributor cap, rotor arm, fan belt and timing belt) to find that bloody misfire.  Stay tuned.