So the first job is to tidy her up a bit… that’s Charlie Bear you can see in there.  He’s not the scrubber.

side door decals
The apprentice did a great job of removing those fiddly, decaying decals.

side without decals
Dug out the jetwash to clean off the roof.  This van is 26 years old, so as you can expect there was a biosphere of algae and lichens making it their residence.  Sorry – eviction time!  A bit of a scrub and it already looked better.  This will be sanded and painted later.

jetwash roof
It was at this point that we realised we had a new water feature.  I’ve mentioned previously that the skylight could do with looking at.  There is literally no seal on it whatsoever, so I swiftly removed that.  I’m looking at trying to do this project on a budget, so being that it is otherwise in good working order, the skylight will be cleaned up and we will re-use it.  But this time, sealing it properly of course!

We noticed that the offside rear door hinge wasn’t properly attached, so I tightened up the bolts.  The whole locking mechanism on the rear doors needs looking at, as the top and bottom bolts on the nearside don’t engage properly.  Also, the doors are very stiff – some sort of grease needed here!

rear hinges

Next job… sand and paint fibreglass roof.