It’s the end… (but I feel fine)

Today was the day we’d been waiting for, for the last three years.  We finally bit the bullet and booked the van in for it’s “investigative” MOT. What this also meant was that today would be the first time I’d… Continue Reading →

Are we nearly there yet?

Well today is a major milestone in the project.  This morning, I booked the MOT appointment for next Thursday. I’d previously been over to the van with a “universal” battery clamp, to hold the battery onto the tray.  Clearly universal… Continue Reading →

Through the looking glass

Well today was the day we’ve been waiting for… Windscreen time!! Hooray! Thanks to Steve for putting the new glass in.  Definitely a job for the professionals! I’ve got some work to do on the scuttle panel, like renewing the… Continue Reading →

On the home stretch

This post is the combination of a few visits to the van, where I got loads done, but didn’t get many opportunities to take a lot of pictures.  But now it looks like we’re on the home stretch. The first… Continue Reading →

New battery start up

Another fine day, another chance to weld a new patch on the windscreen pillar. Also stuck in the new battery, and after a few seconds of cranking, she started up as if she hadn’t been sitting around for a year!… Continue Reading →

Windscreen Welding – Part 4

Pictures won’t upload for some reason, but at least you’ve got a video with some narrative!

Windscreen Welding – Part 3

Well what a lovely day it’s been today!  A nice, clear, hot day – it’s almost as if summer is on its way!  I even managed to convince the apprentice to come along. The first job today was to empty… Continue Reading →

Getting the message

In the wet, winter days when welding a van just isn’t practical, I’ve been looking at ways to occupy my time. This is my current hobby. It’s by no means finished.  It needs an entire recode before I test it… Continue Reading →

Brrrrrr! It’s cold!

Brrrrr it’s cold out!  Nothing happening this weekend, due to the extremely cold weather. Wrap up warm, folks!  

Windscreen Welding – Part 2

Windscreens are wonderful things, when you think about it.  The properly installed and functioning ones, I mean.  If you’ve ever wondered how good they can be, take a look at this… That’s a 35 litre stackable tub – you know… Continue Reading →

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